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The STREETH Origin Edition NFT Collection features four unique 1/1 NFT editions of artworks originated from original, physical murals by four renowned street artists.

It was launched during Art Basel, Miami Beach in the Decentral Art Pavillion's Metaverse, featuring alongside some of the most notorious names in the NFT space.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of history: bidding on the four artworks has been extended until August 31st!

The Streeth Genesis NFT collection curates and mints official 1/1 unique NFT editions of real, physical Street Art artworks created by some of the most recognizable global artists

By submitting your purchase offer, you are bidding to buy this 1/1 NFT that represents the only officially authorized digital copy of the original artwork

To win the auction your offer needs to match or exceed the undisclosed reserve price set by the artist. In the case of more than one offer of the same value being received, the buyer holding a STREETHERS GENESIS NFT will be given priority, after which bidders will be contacted on a first-come-first-served basis

Now exhibiting at
@ Art Basel 2022 | Miami
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With STREETH you can purchase, collect and trade real physical Street Artworks from the best artists around the world. The NFT is the only 1/1 official copy of the artwork and includes geographic information in the meta description to keep it eternal in the blockchain

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Tokyo Dreaming
 original street artwork by Dank
Kiss by the Danube
 original street artwork by Bustart
 original street artwork by Arsek & Erase
San Gennaro
 original street artwork by Jorit